Martins Ferry Ohio

Martins Ferry is a small town that seems to believe they are mob rule instead of working for the people.
This site intends on exposing the Police department as well as other areas of the Martins Ferry Goverment and all of Marins Ferry's Employee' s transgretions on and off of the job.
Feel free to send us pictures and videos of any and all transgrretions within the city. Send email

Water Department

After attempting to force a service on a citizen this is how the responded when the citizen took a stand.

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Racisim Within

We have video and pictures of several Martins Ferry employee's participating in racist activities.
We will be exposing them soon.

Mob Rule

Martins Ferry uses their officers to twist arms, harras and threaten citizens to collect money.

Drug Addicts / Dealers

Thats right, we have proof of the drug dealings and participation of officers and other employee's'.

Sexual scandals

Want to know who an officer is sleeping with besides his wife?.